Guide to Recording

Are you interested in recording and distributing your own Imageries?

For over fifteen years, I have helped individuals and organizations to produce CDs of their Guided Imagery and relaxation projects. As a graduate of Synergy Seminars’ Guided Imagery Certification program, I have experienced how powerful the process of imagery can be and by producing these Imageries for the public, you are helping many more people.

The following steps are a general guideline for recording your own Imageries. If you are going to record at another studio they may or may not be exactly the same procedures but the same general techniques will be used. If you are not able to come to my studio in Southern California you can record just your voice at another professional studio and send it to me to be mixed and mastered.

Always use a good professional studio since no one can correct a poor quality recording. I can speak to the other studio and let them know what I need. Also, keep in mind that ALL studios charge for their time, so the longer it takes to record, edit, mix and master your project the more it will cost you.

Once you have written your Imageries and prior to the recording session, practice on anyone who will allow you to. This can be family, friends or clients. You have heard the old saying “practice makes perfect”, well in recording this is true. I would also recommend that you get a handheld voice recorder like a Dictaphone and record yourself. The goal is not to get a perfect recording but to listen to the Imagery as another person would. Some IPods are capable of do this. Make notes and changes on your scripts when necessary. Practice will help you when you get into the studio, because you are going to be nervous and have a tendency to rush through the Imageries. The more you have done these Imageries the less you have to think about them and the more relaxed they will sound. Also the less time it will take to record and edit the Imageries.

Once you feel comfortable with your Imageries, then it is time for the recording session. Please bring an additional copy of your script with you so that I can follow along as you record. This helps me to mark were the mistakes are and I use it late in the editing processes to be sure I have not cut out something that is in the imagery. You do not need to follow the script word-for-word, but it will help you to be sure your Imagery is the way you planned it.

In the session you will be in a separate room. Because there is a live microphone in the room ANY sounds made in that room will be recorded. Being placed in an isolation booth is what make most people uneasy, so during the recording try to think of someone close  to you like a friend or family member. Imagine you are just doing the Imagery with them. This is why the practice is important.

Just your voice will be recorded. During the session you can listen to music in headphones to help you relax, but the music that you want added to your project will be added later. The reason for this is, once your voice has been recorded, any mistakes and any “lip smacks”, breathes, or paper noises will be “cut” out. So you do not need to be able to read the complete Imagery without a mistake. If you make a mistake all you do is simply start the sentence or paragraph over again and during the edit process it will be “cut” out.

Because you are concentrating on the Imagery, I may hear a mistake that you don’t realize you made, so I may stop you and ask you to do something over. I also may make recommendations or suggestions about timing, wording and structure of your Imageries. This is the advantage of recording with me. It is another set of ears that knows what to listen for. Please don’t take these personally. I am only trying to help you to get the best possible recording for your project. The decision is completely yours, and these are only recommendation based on my experience with Guided Imagery. IT IS YOUR PROJECT.

The music will be added and mixed with your voice once it has been “cleaned up”. The music will be cut down to the length of the Imagery. If you are using another artist’s music, In accordance with copyright laws, it is required that you secure permission to use their music. I will need a copy of the license the agreement giving you permission for my files.

When I am done editing and mixing you project I will send you a copy for you to review. You can then email me with any changes you would like to make, by telling me the track number and the time where you want the changes made. Please be very specific with your requests. If I have any questions I will call you. The changes will be made and I will send you the updated Imageries again for your review. This cycle will be repeated until you are absolutely happy with the recording. I will send you a mastered CD of your project that you can be used to duplicate CDs from.

Keep in mind, that if you want different words added, then that will require that you come back into the studio and re-record that Imagery. This is why it is so important that you are comfortable with your Imageries before the recording session. To re-record Imagery takes more studio time and I, like other studios, will charge for that time. However, words or phrases can sometimes be cut out without being re-recorded. If you have any questions about this, just check with me and I can tell you if it is possible.

Well, I think that is it. I hope I have answered all of your questions and help to lift the veil of mystery surrounding recording. If still have any questions that I did not answer, just email me at or call me at 951-340-3546. Because these types of questions usually lead to more questions, it is sometimes better to just call me. I will be happy to talk to you, even if you are recording at another studio. I have enjoyed see a number of projects completed and it is allows interesting to see the new and innovative ways that people use Guided Imagery to improve their and others life’s. Good Luck with your project.

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